Coralville Arts & Crafts Show November 2012 (Photos)

Coralville Arts & Crafts Show November 2012 (Photos)

The Coralville Arts & Crafts Show is a very popular and much anticipated event in Coralville, so much so that they expanded it to a two day event this year. Last weekend Craft lovers from all over Iowa come to view a wide variety of handcrafts from the very talented exhibitors. Here are a few photos of the show taken last Sunday afternoon.

The first photo is of the Top Seller at the Arts & Crafts Show in Coralville. It was a surprise to me to learn from Lucas Remley at Hollow Hill Designs just how much trouble he had keeping up with the demand at the show – There were even heated debates between customers who wanted the last of a popular item! The high demand is also the reason he’s in the Foyer of the Conference Center rather than the Main Hall – He simply needs to be able to restock his steel designs efficiently without disturbing other exhibitors throughout the day.

Hollow Hill Designs at the Coralville Arts & Crafts Show 2012

My next stop was to visit countrymen of mine who were also having a busy day. John and Barbara Lawrence make hand crafted wood items – From the very small to the very large ones in the photos. They were quickly running out of handcrafted items by Sunday afternoon! If you missed out here you can catch up with them at the Created in Iowa Holiday Store at the Crossroads Mall in Waterloo IA – November 12 – December 30.

Coralville Arts & Crafts Show 2012

Now onto the sweetest exhibit at the Coralville Arts & Crafts Show. I spent quite a while at the Honey Stand. Raw Honey has many major health benefits and for the first time I also bought Bee Pollen. It’s said to be good to treat allergies and is also an excellent source of protein. You can see in the photo they also had other items for sale including honey soap and lip balm. Koelzer Bee Farm has a website so if you’re looking for quality honey products that’s a good place to start. They’ll also be at the Des Moines Art & Crafts Show next weekend, November 16 – 18, 2012.  Here’s a link to the schedule and event details

Koelzer Bee Farm at the Coralville Arts & Crafts Show 2012

The Coralville Arts & Crafts show is held twice a year at the Marriott Conference Center in Coralville. If you missed the show this time round, watch my website for details about the show in Spring. I enjoyed chatting with Tom Callahan, the Organizer at the Coralville Arts & Crafts Show on Sunday. He’s promised me Free Passes to give away next year so it will be worth checking back for that!

Of course if you need a special gift for the Holiday Season we do still have the Thieves Market at the IMU in Iowa City, December 1 – 2, 2012.




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